Custom orthotics Belconnen

The way your foot hits the ground determines the areas of stress on your feet, but also influences how your leg, knees, hips and lumbar spine function. In some people, it can even influence the function of your shoulder and neck.

We believe in looking at a person as a whole, so part of your examination may include looking at how your feet work. Physiotherapists have a holistic view of the function of the body so we can determine if changes to your foot posture will improve your overall function or pain.

We use a digital examination system called Gaitscan. It is state of the art computer-based system that helps us assess and analyse your foot function as you walk. This analysis, combined with our physical examination and observation of your overall posture, allows us to determine if your foot function is contributing to your condition.

In some cases, you may need orthotics to keep your foot posture on track. We have a wide range of custom orthotics to accommodate almost all foot shapes, styles of shoes and physical needs. Specific custom orthotics can be built to go into dress shoes, sporting shoes, bike shoes, football boots and even skates and ski boots.