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Exercise at home ab-machines

Great looking, well developed abdominal muscles are the goal of most people; men who want to take off their shirts and women who want to wear bikinis or halter-tops. Nothing says "fitness" like prominent abdominals, so the appeal of "exercise-at-home" ab-machines is very strong and the adverts on television or in sports magazines are very effective. But do these machines really work?

Considering the principle that any exercise is good for you, yes, these machines do work, but so do sit-ups, leg-raises and crunches. What the machines do is promote the very appealing idea that exercising on this device is easier and takes less time than the traditional abdominal exercises. We at Belconnen Physiotherapy Clinic, will advise that the real key to great abs is diet and appropriate exercises that include a full range of movement and work all of the abdominal muscles. A proper diet is necessary because prominent, muscular abs should not be hidden under a layer of fat. The exercises are important because abs, like any other muscle, respond to exercise by growing and becoming defined. Great abs are developed in conjunction with other body-building and conditioning exercises.

Which athletes have the best looking abdominal muscles? Have you taken note of the trim waists and abs on swimmers, divers or gymnasts? How about the abdominal development on boxers, wrestlers or volleyball players? Sure their abdominals get worked out, but do you think they use an ab-machine, or do you think their abs are the result of abdominal tension while they are exercising their whole body in practicing or performing their athletic endeavours?

If it will get you off the couch and into exercise, spend your money on an exercise-at-home ab machine. But, rather than invest your money in a machine that will ultimately gather dust in the corner of your closet, your money will be better spent if you engage the services of a fitness expert, like those at Belconnen Physiotherapy Clinic. Not only will you have great abs, but you will have the accompanying overall fitness and strength that will enhance your quality of life and personal image.


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